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ROS Annual Return

“Under the Societies Act 1966, Section 14, each company is required to submit an Annual Return to the Registry of Society in Malaysia within 60 days of Company’s Annual General Meeting and by June each year. Failure to comply shall risk the company’s registration to be cancelled under Section 13(1)(d), by the Registry of Society”

 ROS submission after Calendar year 2013 (i.e. 2014 onwards)

via eROS Annual Return (Penyata Tahunan)


Submission is to be done annually within 60 days of company's Annual General Meeting and before 30th June each year. 

Please follow the eROS submission procedures. Download here.

Note: Please remember to send in the hardcopies as prescribed in Step 25 of the submission procedure.

Other relevant downloads:

 excelOfficer Bearers Form Download here



ROS submission before Calendar year 2013

For outstanding ROS Annual Return submission before calendar year 2013, please refer to ROS Return Document Checklist first. 

excelROS Return Document Checklist Download here

excelROS Borang 9 Form Download here 

excelOfficer Bearers Form Download here